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Does this sound familiar to you: stress in your job, perhaps even at home? So sometimes, in order to relax or to calm your worries, you need some crisps or chocolate, one or two bottles of beer or some wine, maybe some cigarettes? And still you are being annoyed, angry or sad? We are frequently discontented with ourselves  because despite being overweight and full of good intentions, we once again fail to do anything about it.

You know that sinking feeling in your stomach before a presentation, the anxiety that threatens to choke you? Stress of any kind is widespread: stress caused by spiders, air travel, relation-ships, …

Time and again you realize that you cannot let go of old childhood issues and that these keep you from getting on?

You would like to have more self-confidence, optimism, stability, balance and success?

To achieve this, you can use an extremely helpful and yet, easy to learn technique that will provide plenty of relaxation for you and your loved ones! Tapping Acupressure, which belongs to the field of energetic psychology, comes from the USA and enjoys increasing popularity in Germany. Tapping Acupressure was developed in the early 90s by Gary H. Craig and is based on the millenniaold knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and kinesiology.


Tapping Acupressure points from Wikipedia by Geraldstiehler, GNU Free Documentation License

The basic assumption of Tapping Acupressure is that all negative emotions are based on a disruption of the body’s energy system. While you are thinking about your problem, a specific sequence of meridian points is being tapped. Meridians, your body’s energy channels, have been known in China for more than 5,000 years, and represent one of the pillars of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In acupuncture, needles are placed in indicated points located on these meridians, while in Tapping Acupressure we tap on the standard tapping points of the respective meridians. By using this technique, we allow our energy to gain unobstructed flow, our meridians are unblocked and a clearly noticeable reduction of stress up to the complete solution of the problem, whether emotional, mental or physical, occurs. What you are left with is the ability to recall your most stressful life memories without any emotional stress. This is clearly very useful, as negative past memories keep the body at a constant stress level.

By using Tapping Acupressure, you build your own success in all kind of areas, such as school, work and sport.

A major advantage of Tapping Acupressure compared to other energetic methods is, that it is very easy to learn and, after a quick instruction, you are able to counteract any kind of discomfort straight away. With big issues you should visit an experienced Tapping Acupressure practitioner.

Let yourself be surprised, I’ll show you how it works!

I look forward to your visit in my practice in beautiful Munich!

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