Ease, Clarity and Serenity with Kinesiology

In life, we often have to overcome great challenges, decisions have to be made, goals need to be achieved. Every day, we try to show our talents to the world. Nevertheless, most of us are aware of self-sabotage programs which keep us quite frequently from reaching our full potential. Eventually this burden will may get so heavy, that we find it hard to keep a confident attitude and stay in balance.

“Kinesiology is the umbrella term for various methods that identify – with the help of the so-called muscle-test – aggravators as well as barriers in our system and balance or dissolve those via an appropriate intervention, also called balance or correction. The aim is to improve well-being, health, performance as well as the capacity to be happy and thus the quality of life.” definition by Klaus Wienert.

Kinesiology is a wonderful tool able to relieve stressors (aggravations)  in connection with experiences made and also to  solve emotional burden in regard to upcoming matters. If we feel fine, our muscles are strong, if we feel depressed, we feel weak which is even reflected in our muscles. This response pattern – strong muscle / weak muscle – is being used in kinesiology as muscle-tests. This test is the main tool in all kinesiological sessions.

In general, it can be said that kinesiological work detects disbalances existing in our energetic field and re-harmonizes them.

Since all the experiences we‘ve ever made, are being stored in our nervous system, our bodies and our subconsciousness know exactly what they need to heal again. The test of a single muscle provides access to all experiences held within ourselves. Thus – besides the verbal information we get from the client – the subsconcious mind is also being addressed. So we often get to deep-seated information which cannot be reached by merely thinking about stressful issues or events. The blockages and stressors found are being dissolved by appropriate balances which leads to more success at all levels (physical, mental and emotional). Ease, clarity, joy and sereneness are thus allowed to come back into our lives.

To set priorities correctly, to use our own resources in a sensible way, to strengthen our energy, to discover who we really are, to live our full potential – this integrated method is a wonderful help to do so.




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